Grocery store pickup

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What’s a horny 32-year-old slut to do when she’s out-of-her-mind horny and aching to get her pussy filled? Well, she should put on some lingerie, cover up (because it’s cold outside!) and head down to the grocer’s. That’s where the guys cruise to pick up sluts. Or, that’s the way it is in England, at least.

Meet Sammi, a wild brunette from Jersey in the British Isles. She loves having random hookups in the woods (they call it dogging in the UK) and can suck the chrome off of a tailpipe.

Sammi goes home with a guy from the grocery store, and she shows him everything she knows. Watch as she licks and slurps the guy’s rod, hops on for a wild ride and then gets her face splattered with hot seed.


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